Publication of the report « Choisir son droit » [“Choosing one’s law”] by Éditions l’Harmattan

This article is for the newsletter: Newsletter July-August 2012

« Conséquences économiques du choix du droit applicable dans les contrats internationaux »

[Economic consequences of the applicable legal system option in international agreements]

Study under the direction of François Lenglart, HEC Paris, and Pascal Durand-Barthez, Fondation pour le droit continental.

International agreements are found to be increasingly subjected by their drafters to a legal system deriving from the common law system (English law or the laws of a North American State).

The extent of this phenomenon, its causes, as well as its consequences in terms of economic impact on the French business law community, in terms of cost and legal security for companies, are poorly understood. Under the aegis of the Fondation pour le droit continental (…) Read more