Second meeting of the stakeholder group on the Insolvency II initiative

The second meeting of this informal stakeholder group will take place on 27 May 2016, in Brussels. The agenda of the meeting will follow shortly.

DGJUST2              DGJUST1

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Where do we come from?
•- Insolvency Regulations 1346/2000/EC and 848/2015/EU
•- Country specific recommendations (European Semester)
•- Commission’s Communication (2012), Commission’s Insolvency Recommendation (2014)
What is the policy background?
•- EP Report with recommendations
•- Five Presidents’ report, Letter of President Juncker & VP Timmermans to the EP
•- CMU Action Plan & Single Market Strategy
•- ECOFIN Conclusions on the CMU
What will we do?
–  Impact assessment