International Calendar

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The INCA (for “INternational CAlendar”) is an online communications site showing the events organized by the various legal professions (the academic world, public policy makers, and the businesses world) which clearly demonstrates the abundance, the multiplicity and the diversity of the activities undertaken at the international level.

This collaborative calendar, in the case of the Fondation’s partners, consists of listing all of the national and international events having the civil law as their theme in one single calendar. This tool is geared to all jurists, so as to enable them to more effectively act in concert, to internet users and the international public. It likewise serves to support the Fondation’s dissemination of information on events that it organizes.

This tool is available to anyone who wishes to contribute to expanding the calendar, and only submitting a request to the Fondation is required.

The objective
To make this calendar a source of information that is recognized by jurists and professional organizations and institutions, so that it becomes a generally recognized source of information.

The means
To conduct a promotional campaign amongst the Fondation’s partners and network for the utilization of this tool.