Join the Foundation

he Fondation pour le droit continental is a private law structure, independent of the state, government recognized public-interest foundation, involving private and public partners.

A large portion of its governance includes private French and foreign players in law.

It is a forum for meetings and initiatives largely open to any institution and any person wishing to participate in the common development of the continental law systems.

Joining the Foundation means:

becoming a member of the Assembly of Founders of the Foundation,
becoming a member of the Association of Friends of the Foundation,
partnering with the Foundation’s operations, investing in specific tasks like bringing expertise, joining a group project, attending and participating in events, conferences, etc.,
financing targeted sponsorship operations.
These donations in the form of competence sponsorship or financial payments provide tax deductions for businesses and individuals, from 60% to 75% of the amounts paid.

The Foundation provides the following benefits to companies and legal professionals:

a network of experts supported by all players in law in France and abroad,
easier access to decision makers in emerging countries and to international agencies,
support in legal and judicial risk control internationally, through the expertise provided to legally developing countries.

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