Thesis Prizes

The Fondation pour le droit continental supports and promotes high-level legal research in China on the relationships between the Chinese legal system / law and continental law, and the development of continental law in the current context of legal and economic globalization.

To this end, the Fondation pour le droit continental is awarding each year, beginning in 2010, two thesis prizes in two categories:

– Comparative Law: Sino-French or continental law and Chinese law,

– Continental Law and globalization of law.

The jury is composed of five independent experts appointed by the Scientific Council of the Fondation pour le droit continental. It is chaired by the Chairman of this Council.

The thesis prizes are awarded in Beijing in the presence of the jury. On this occasion, the winners present their work during an international seminar bringing together different legal professionals related to China.

The objective

Support and identify top-level law students in order to encourage the dissemination and application of continental law within the organizations.

Ensure the Foundation’s visibility in China.

Develop the Fondation pour le droit continental’s networks in China.

The means

The first prize is a sum of € 3,500 (or the equivalent in RMB)

The second prize is a sum of € 2,000 (or the equivalent in RMB)

The thesis may arise from a legal discipline (business law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, intellectual property law, employment and social security law, labor law, environmental law, international law, etc.)

The thesis must have been written and defended in French or English.

It must have been supported during the calendar year preceding the date of the competition (between January 1 and December 31).

The prospects

Holding this event annually with support from sponsors.

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