Convention of Mediterranean jurists 2015

The Civil Law Initiative in partnership with the Saint Joseph University, organizes the 7th edition of the Lawyer Convention of the Mediterranean sea in Beirut the 22nd and 23rd October 2015.

Every year, this event gathers practitioners and academics of the whole countries of the Mediterranean area with panels and workshops which permit to everyone to benefit from the experience of the speakers and to exchange the best practices.

Indeed, the last years have seen the interventions of lawyers, notaries, judicial officers, teachers, judges, etc. on a lot of different subjects encouraging transversal viewpoints between legal professions.

Moreover this edition is the opportunity for the participants to discover the researches launched by the Fondation such as the Legal certainty index which was published in june 2015, and to meet the authors.

You can already find an overview of the panels and workshops here and in Arabic language.

The work language of the Convention are French, Arabic and English.


For two or three days, over 200 legal professionals from the Euro-Mediterranean zone—judges, academics, notaries, company lawyers, and bailiffs—exchanged ideas regarding the benefits of Continental Law in the wake of the world economic crisis.

  • In 2008, the Fondation pour le droit continental organized the First Convention of Mediterranean Jurists in Nice-Monaco.
  • In 2009, the Second Convention of Mediterranean Jurists was held in Cairo, and focused on the topic: “Continental Law: Innovative Solutions to the World Economic Crisis.”
  • In 2010, the Third Convention of Mediterranean Jurists took place in Rome focusing on the topic: “SMEs within the Euro-Mediterranean Space: Investment and Payment Security”.
  • In 2012, the Fourth Convention of Mediterranean Jurists took place in Algiers.
  • In 2013, The Fifth Convention of the Mediterranean Jurists took place in Rabat.
  • In 2014, The Sixth Convention of the Mediterranean Jurists took place in Belgrade.