International Board on Economic Regulations – IBER

The International Board on Economic Regulations (IBER) has been initiated by the Foundation for civil law. It was inaugurated in Paris in July 2015 at a press conference at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international development (MAEDI). It is composed of six eminent personalities of different nationalities, from all over the world, who are all specialists in law and economics.

The aim of the International Board on Economic Regulations is threefold :
1 °) to confront the various legal systems, both in terms of institutional landscape and procedures;
2 °) to identify best regulatory practices, which combine economic efficiency and legal certainty;
3 °) to express indications and recommendations, on the basis of these observations, on what appears most effective in terms of regulation, for economic regulators, governments, companies, as well as for the international scientific, economic and legal communities.

The work of the Observatory is not limited to general guidelines on what constitutes effective regulation: it focuses on specific sectors and geographical areas, in order to deliver concrete recommendations. The IBER chooses each year a particular sector for its annual conclusions.

The Observatory meets on an annual basis. The Presidency of the international board is entrusted to Me Jean-Michel Darrois. President Darrois is assisted by a general rapporteur, Ms Angélique Delorme. Members of the Observatory are appointed on a renewable three-year term.

The first annual report of the International Board on Economic Regulations deals with the regulation of competition.

This document contains its first conclusions on the regulation of competition


The members hosted at Sciences-Po Paris, 2015 July 7th

Members of the Board


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