The granting of scholarships is a traditional means of supporting the training of foreign students whether in their countries of origin or within the framework of a stay in host countries at French universities and abroad.

It is also one of the essential lines of the Fondation’s activities to reinforce the dissemination of the continental legal tradition and to encourage its practice within the key sectors of the economies of the countries concerned.

In addition, this activity enables the identification of future high-level leadership. The advantage to businesses of integrating jurists who are versed in the practice of civil law into their teams is a strategic advantage in their economic efficiency.

The objective

The Fondation is building a network of partners in France and abroad.

The means

The Fondation is developing the policy of establishing a local presence in association with the diplomatic corps, civil officers, as well as expatriate legal professionals. The latter participate in the recruitment of scholarship recipients and ensure the follow-up of the scholarship recipients following their return to their countries of origin. Coordination is sustained by mean of the network of the foreign members of the Fondation Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council of the Fondation is involved in the selection of the candidates, the definition of student, and it monitors the progress of their theses. The scholarship recipients in turn undertake to provide a teaching engagement free of charge. An annual report is prepared.

The prospects

Development of the number of scholarships.

European partnerships for ensuring the multidisciplinary training of foreign scholarship recipients and support of this activity by financing from the countries of the Euro zone.

International network of former scholarship recipients (yearbook of former scholarship recipients, alumni association).

Our actions
Award of Scholarships to Vietnamese Students
Award of Scholarship to a Chinese student