Summer University



The Summer University of Continental Law will open its doors on July 3 2017 for the 9th year in a row. It assembles every year in Paris, during the first three weeks of July, students from various areas and backgrounds: in 2016, they were 158 from 49 countries.

The courses, each lasting two hours, are given in the premises of the University “Panthéon-ASSAS” (Paris II), by professors and practitioners of different nationalities. They are organized in three sections: French, English and Spanish. Students follow two mandatory courses which are “Introduction to Romanist Law” or “Sources and Methods of Law” (depending on the section), and “European and International Contract Law”. They also elect three other courses related to Family law, contracts, public contracts, civil liability, intellectual properties or arbitration.

Meetings with legal professions, especially lawyers and notaries, as well as visits of the highest legal French institutions are scheduled.

Students who wish may ask to pass a final exam. Those who succeed obtain a Civil Law Initiative Certificate awarded by the University Panthéon-ASSAS (Paris II). The exam, which takes place on the last day of the Summer University, requires a special preparation: students willing to pass the exam need to attend methodology lectures.

All participants, having passed the exam or not, can ask for a participation certificate to the Summer University of Continental Law, on condition of regular attendance.

A space of cultural awareness and pluralism, the Summer University is also a privileged opportunity for meetings and discussions. Lasting friendships are made and maintained beyond boarders thanks to the Alumni association.

See you in Paris next July for the Summer University 2017!




Professor at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II)

Chairman of the scientific council of the “Fondation pour le droit continental”