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 The Society of Friends for the Continental Law (A2DC) was initiated by the Civil law Initiative. The idea was to create an Association which aim is to set up an ALUMNI network between people who are attending the Summer University of Continental Law organised each year by the the Civil law Initiative in partnership with the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II).

On 30 September 2015, the founders and candidates to the Association’s board (A2DC) held a constitutive general assembly within the office of the the Civil law Initiative at 2-14 rue des Cévennes, 75015 Paris, France.

Through the publication on the Official Journal on 17 October 2015, the A2DC was officially created and recognised by French State in accordance with the Law of 1 July 1901 on the contract of association.

The A2DC affiliated with the the Civil law Initiative, according to its Charter, aims at:

  • Creating an international network between legal professionals and related occupations,
  • Maintaining a link between the different classes of the Summer University of Continental Law,
  • Promoting and developing the researches in comparative law and continental law.


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To ensure the good working and the efficiency of our activities, the Association starts three main projects for the year 2016, namely:

  • The creation of a directory of former students and legal professionals of continental law, available on the Foundation’s website;
  • The appointment of ambassadors;
  • The creation of a practical guide for the future participants to the Summer University 2016
Creation of the directory of the Summer University’s former members and of the legal professionals in international law

The directory of the former members shall make easier the research of correspondents depending on the need, for professional reasons. It shall also be used by everyone, should a specialised lawyer be needed quickly, according to the profile required.

The directory shall be addressed to the general public through the publication on the the Civil law Initiative ‘s website and on the Association’s official page.

Should you want and accept your date to be transmitted, send us your “calling card”.

Appointment of ambassadors

According to the Charter, we shall appoint, among the Association’s members, the ambassadors, by State and by geographical area. The ambassadors’ (holding a proxy if needed) main task is to represent the Association in the State or area in which he is located. On the one hand, according to the State or the area he is located in, the ambassador shall keep and develop the international network of the legal professionals and of the related occupations, especially of the former members of the Summer University for continental law, as explained in the Association’s Charter. On the other hand, the ambassador is asked to play an active role, as representative of the Association. The role consists in researching partnerships, in spreading information about the the Civil law Initiative and about the A2DC to Universities, public legal institutions and to private professional institutions.

Should you be interested and motivated, contact us. We stay at your disposal for any further information.

Creation of a practical guide for people attending the Summer University 2016

Each year, hundreds of people come to Paris attending the Summer University for Continental Law. Some know France, some do not. Realizing that, we plan to create a practical guide available for attending people so that they can properly prepare their three-week training period in Paris. Your experience is a valuable source for us in order to improve the guide. What you like, what you are interested in, so as what is difficult for you: Share it with us.

Your feedbacks and proposals shall enable us to better understand and better prepare the following years.