Who are we ?

Continental law Foundation was created in 2007 by a partnership between public authorities, legal and business professions. It promotes the radiation of the romano-Germanic law around the world and in particular in cooperation with States and international organizations concerned.

Enhancement actions follow 3 axis:

1. In the area of dissemination:

 – By “Pulpits” located in 14 partner universities (conferences, courses and possibly libraries) to Brazil, China, Colombia, Lebanon, Morocco, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Viet Nam for example;

– By a summer school that brings together more than 150 students or young professionals from more than 50 nationalities;

– By scholarships and prizes (theses, inter-university diploma OHADA);

– By the translation of legal texts or books (c. civil; c. trade; code of administrative justice).


2. In the area of research:

– The Foundation carries out an Index of the legal certainty which evaluates the forms of security to all economic agents.

– The Foundation creates the International Board on Economic Regulations (IBER) which aims to deliver each year conclusions on best practices in regulation observed around the world;


3. In the area of influence:

– From the World Bank, we have a dialogue with the “Doing Business” teams and participate in the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD) in Washington.

– From the European Union: we are participating in the debates surrounding the adoption of texts in the form of responses to consultations or reports (corporate governance; the protection of trade secret and copyright, insolvency law and digital contracts destined for the European Commission);

– From the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL): we participate in working groups dealing with the company law, insolvency law and public private partnerships, as observers;

– From UNIDROIT: we participate in the working group on the right to integration in agricultural contracts;

– Supporting law within OHADA: we disclose it and participate in the thinking.

– By promoting the sharing of good practices: we organize every year a Convention of lawyers of the Mediterranean; support regional efforts to establish common principles on rights of contracts in Latin America (private and law public); strengthen Franco-German dialogue with the support of the Franco-German University.